How often should I get my eyes tested?

Eye examinations are free of charge through the NHS and we recommend that you have a comprehensive eye exam every two years.
For some people, it is important to have an eye test more frequently depending on your age, risk factors and whether you currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Children need regular eye exams to detect vision problems that may interfere with learning.
Here are a few groups that might be recommended to come back sooner:
children wearing glasses
people aged 40 or over with a family history of glaucoma
people with glaucoma
people aged 70 or over
people with diabetes

In Scotland if you have any new or different symptoms with your eyes including pain, loss of vision, flashes or floaters, contact us as we are your first port of call for urgent eye problems.

As independent prescribers we can treat and manage a lot of eye conditions in the community without the need to visit your doctor or the hospital.