At Ythan Opticians, we are very pleased to announce that we now have an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). This technology allows us to be able to investigate the health of your eyes in greater detail, allowing long term monitoring of your health every time you visit us. It allows us to see a 3D scan of your retina, displaying the different layers. This scan has been proven to be able to detect sight-threatening eye conditions, such as very early signs of glaucoma – up to four years earlier. We would highly recommend the OCT scan to all of our patients as it enables us to monitor the health of your eyes in greater detail, specifically if you have a family history of eye disease and/or currently being treated for an eye condition such as glaucoma or macula degeneration.

At Ythan Opticians, we are specialists in paediatric care with links to Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and supplying spectacles to children from a very young age. All our clinicians at Ythan Opticians have special interests and expertise into children’s visual problems.

Tracey and Yasmine, our Optometrists are  fully qualified Independent Prescribers which allows emergency eye conditions can be treated within the community. They are knowledgeable on how to diagnose and manage eye conditions from within the practice.